2022 report card

2022 Louisiana Report Card Planning

In 2012, Louisiana Section of American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) very first Report Card for Louisiana's Infrastructure started with the following statement:

Louisiana's infrastructure needs immediate attention.

In 2017, the Louisiana Section said it again in the report card update, Louisiana's infrastructure needs immediate attention: GPA: D+. Today, almost 4 years later, this overarching conclusion remains more valid than ever. An expert team of more than 50 civil engineers were assembled to evaluate and study 11 major components of Louisiana's infrastructure for more than 18 months. Their results have been reviewed not only by independent experts locally, but they also have been scrutinized by ASCE's team of national experts. To view the 2017 report card: https://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/state-item/louisiana/.

The conclusion is not a surprise but more an alarm that over the course of the last eight plus years, the system has detreated further. Our infrastructure is poorly maintained, inadequately funded, and not designed to meet tomorrow's demands. Consequently, the state is at a disadvantage and will continue to lose its economic competitiveness.

It is once again time to update the Louisiana Report Card. In order to release a 2022 report card, we must start the process now. VOLUNTEER TODAY!

To volunteer your expertise and services toward this important endeavor, please contact the Government Relations Committee Chair, Jan Evans at jan.evans@volkert.com.